GS Trump2022/04/25 14:50

I'm paralyzed

Scared to live at same time scared to die

Really don't know who I am

Controlling this I don't think I can

Since day break I've been staring the ceiling

Somewhere somehow I lost my feeling

About this all day I've been thinking

Maybe something might just come in and kill me

Throughout I couldn't leave the field of football

Something I would do till momma call

Then when she calls I'll be like what the fuck

Noe I've been lying and those urges socks

Gosh, I feel I'm suffocating

Everything around me toxicating

Yet I have no one to communicate with

And it seems the devil's coming to take me

I think I should scream the name

Jesus to come to my aid

This feeling may be a test to another grade

Then it soon will finally end



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