TODAY WORDS OF WISDOM -By Exponent Magazine News.

Olusegun Adeyemi HOSEA2022/04/25 13:52
TODAY WORDS OF WISDOM -By Exponent Magazine News.


1. Be hard working.

2. Be sincere to yourself and others.

3. Be bold to face challenge.

4. Be generous to people and society.

5. Be honest in your conversation.

6. Be a good helper to people in the society.

7. Be a good Father at all cost.

8. Be a good Mother in all aspects.

9. Be truthful in your dealing with people.

10. Be transparent in your business.

11. Be merciful unto other.

12. Be accountable in your office to others.

13. Be humble and courteous.

14. Be useful to your parents.

15. Be a confidant as much as you can.

16. Be a good worker.

17. Be a dependable master.

18. Be a promoter of good news and not fake publicaction.

19. Be a good business partner.

20. Be a role model to your children.

21. Be a good guidian.

22. Be a good counselor

23. Be a good man and woman.

24. Be a peace maker.

25. Be excellent in your character and responsible to your responses.

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