Police is the true reflection of the larger society.

Olusegun Adeyemi HOSEA2022/04/24 21:18
Police is the true reflection of the larger  society.


By Exponent Magazine News. 24-4-2022.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Ondo State command, DSP Odunlami Fumnilayo (Mrs) has said that Police is the true reflection of the larger society when she was delivering a lecture at monthly meeting of the Nigeria Institutes of Public Relations held today at the Institutes Secretariat in Alagbaka Akure, in a paper titled: The Police and the public: The Reality of who we are. According to her Nigerian only complain when things are not going well with them. In her words "A typical Nigerian will only complain when things are not favourable, or going his way but will turn deaf ear if he or she is recipient of the goodies even when the platform of getting is weong." She however sited an example like Bail is right if your person is a suspect. While Bail is wrong if your person is the victim or complainant. She said "that we allow sentiment overide our sense of judgement especially when it is against our persons." While speaking further, the speaker defined Police as quoted from the Oxford Dictionary as the civil force of a state, responsible for the prevention and detention of crime and matinance of the Public order. The PPRO believed that a typical Policeman is the same as a civilian in actions and deed as this reflects the typical nature of a common Nigerian, virtually all Organisations and ministries in the country have thousands of people who act and behave like a Police man. She said that the use of power and money in the life of the people normally shows us the way and manner they behave in our society as those people that have these attributes normally exercises them be it good or bad over those that are not privileged to have them on the society. She condemned the act of Public celebrating the questionable wealth over the hard work in the society. In her words "The celebration of questionable wealth over hard work and disdain for average life style calls for sober reflection as it negates dignity of labour." She berated the attitude of the public who worship the so called rich people (Olowo lagba) without even bother about how or the source of their wealth particularly those who got it in a crooked ways.

While speaking, DSP Odunlami berated the Market women that cheating people under the guise of things being expensive. In her words "Market women, under the guise of things being expensive exploit others to make more gain. When people are in distress, friends, family members team up to defraud them under the guise of looking for solution and will delibrately set them up with fake prophets, cleric or a traditionalist all geared towards extorting the victim".

To get out from this mess, the speaker however said that reorientation is the answer to solve this problem as we need to go back to the drawing board and ensure the positive change we want to begins with us as an individual through conscious effort and discipline. She also talked about self development and firm knowledge about the laws of the land as they say knowledge is power and ignorance is not an excuse because according to her what you don't know can be used to cheat you. While promotion of hard work should be encouraged, and people need to be security conscious while going about their business as security is everybody business. She advise people to always do the right thing and also be conscious about the fact that for every twelve, there must be a Judas Iscariot to betray with kiss, yet the gospel must be preached. She added.

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