The Phoenix

Bambino2022/04/24 14:04

I put pen to paper and it still didn't change anything,

I was still submerged in a sea of hopelessness,

In a sea that saturated me till I couldn't breathe,

That sea was my future,

I couldn't bear it anymore, I had to get away.

Looking at the mirror in front me,

I realised how sad my life was,

The once bubbly girl was dead,

And now stood her shadow,

A shadow that overshadowed even her happiness.

I wondered how I had become this shadow of a being,

The answer was simple!!

It stood right in front of me,

I had allowed others inner ambitions to guide me,

I had been living a lie.

Looking at my reflection, I made a decision,

I was no longer going to let people dictate my life,

I was going to live it the way I saw it fit,

The days of following other people's ambitions

Were gone, it was no more.

The phoenix that I was meant to be,

Had been awakened and I no longer wanted to be sad,

I was now going to be happy because happiness,

Was what I needed to be light and avoid loneliness.

A phoenix I became,

A phoenix rose that day!

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