I wished

GS Trump2022/04/23 08:35
I wished

I wish I was there when John wrote the book of revelation

I would love to get more collection

Of pictures and videos that would change people's reaction

For thing that will befall earth in future

But the way I see mankind and the way they behave

Even a direct vision from jesus they'll still never change

Cause they way I see their love for the world, anger and rage

I try to ask death what is their gain

Whatever befalls them I don't share that calamity

Of meeting the devil in great anxiety

None of the Bible shit is real maybe your philosophy

But I see them coming true in the world and it's technology

For the righteous I read they'll go to heaven

Lose gravity and fly higher than ravens

For them heavens gates are spread wide open

Cause they held their faith tho down here twas shaken

Things in that book are scary but truth be told

To everyone in this planet both young and old

Take this words serious work on it then your live will remold

They've got no reason to lose their soul

Have we our place in heaven sell?

For monetary gain and wealth down here?

Then driving smoothly on the highway to hell

Lord give us answers cause we hope this reach you well


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