The race of life

dRsmart2022/04/20 15:11
The race of life

I ran on other peoples lane,

Passed their opposition's, and even did get fame.

I ran through till the end,

Kept steady with a pace, never knew it wasn't my place. I ran swiftly until the finish line,

With smiles on my face feeling fine.

I ran thinking it was my time,

But of course the reward wasn't mine.

now I realise the time I'd wasted,

so sad but good I've tasted.

I'll run again,

But this time on my lane,

Not minding the pain from yesterday.

I'll run again,

Not for the fame,

No matter the pain, just to reach the end.

I'll run again,

With my mind in place,

Keeping my pace not minding their face.

for the race is not for the swift,

but of him who shows mercy...


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