Poetic butterfly2022/04/19 12:47

Sewn into these walls

Are lullaby from a century ago

Can you hear them?

History is about to repeat itself

Like it always has

Sentiments and sentinel

Sent on sabbaticals.

No one gives a damn

If the roof collapses

As long as the house stands.

We are all sentenced to death

Hanging on gallows that we

Happily built

Happy that they broke

Before we met our maker

Here's to another chance at life

Dancing, drunk on stupidity

Piss for rum, tears for beer

Cheers, we have earned it.

Its a cozy world, cased in craze

Suitcase and tie makes a man sane

Safe is when you live on the streets

With everyone in your business.

Mockery modern medieval era.

Woe! To you and yours

Deafened by your loud lifestyle

Can't you hear it?

The lullaby is now an dirge

For your pitiful lost souls

Who keep dancing, drunk

On rum and beer.


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