I Miss You

Victorious pen ✍️2022/04/17 15:17

I miss you my heart

I Miss You

When you left, I become empty

You took part of me and flew away to an unknown land where you can not be seen

Especially you traveled with my coronary heart  and made me lonely.

In my sleep my eyes have been huge open to peer you once more however no

I not dance to the rhythm of your tone 

I discovered it difficult to jot down the lovely lyrics we pressed collectively at the notes of love.

My frame temper omit your absence 

Even your apparel masks your beauty/handsomeness

It nevertheless radiates just like the big name fantastically tucked above with a smile

When I swim and dive to your river of dreams, I get under the influence of alcohol withinside the choice to swim there forever.

I omit you as my coronary heart misses you the more

I cuddle your snap shots all of the lengthy to sense your smile that vivid up my days

Mt tears felt your absent

Your absence makes me sense banged up and lazy to do something 

I simply need you via way of means of my aspect now and forever

eight need our sober coronary heart be in non violent reunion

To take a chunk of my soul yet again and stay to be full of love and care. The melted coronary heart supposed for you.

I become satisfied I observed my lacking rib to proportion a satisfied moments and reminiscences collectively however misplaced my happiness while you have been gone  a long way off from my coronary heart 


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