Living a wicked world with heartless 💔 people

Sannie_Marie2022/04/15 05:30

Being in the wicked world unknowingly and people having bad plans about u This can make you love ur enemies and give them so many opportunities to go against you Just friends raped, killed and burried someone who wholeheartedly loved 💔 the.

Many lives are ignored

I never got the chance to explain to the world

How can I be so sure that I am loved

How much can I risk for other people's happiness

I have been introduced to the wicked world 🌎

People with wicked heart dance to my heartful songs

I was defiled by close friends

They raped, killed and burried me in an unknown 💀 😭 cemetery

My voice alone can not reach the world

My blood is crying 😢 😭 for justice

I have lost my life, my world and my future

My soul is still sleepless 😪

Have I commicommitted the biggest sin?

Is it my fault to be beautiful 😍

Help me get my voice to the world 🌎 .


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