Fantasy of a lover boy

Pendragon2022/04/13 19:24

Romantic poem

I woke up one Sunday morning

Filled with bright smile in my face

I was just too happy for no reason

The golden ray of the morning sun forces its way into my room through a narrow opening of my window

My head was full with fantasy of the one dear to me

I had a very sweet and romantic dream of my beloved

I started remembering the first day I met the latter

I saw her from afar glowing with radiance

Her smile could melt the mount everest

When she smile her face bright up like the way the morning sun brighten the earth.

Her lips are as pink and soft like a pink vermilion powder

Her teeth are as white just like the morning snow

She got the eyes of a goddess

When she turned and look towards my direction

I couldn't stand those sexy eyes with its brows

To my surprise she walked passed me

She walks majestically like the Saharan queen full of braces

She got a shape of a goddess

Her waist were completely endowed

While she was walking I could hear the rattling sound of coral beads from her waist

Oh! My God I thought to my self can this possibly be a human or an Angel.

The latter was well created that made me mistook her for a supreme being

I was still on my bed lost in my fantasy until I heard the cock crows which jerk me off my though

I had just one wish

Which was for me to win the heart of this Saharan queenI

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