Ode to mothers

Pendragon2022/04/13 19:36

About the agony of motherhood and the sacrifices a mother make for her child


Mother! Mothers! Mothers!

Its keeps ringing on my mind

I couldn't stop staring at the woman who was playing with her little child.

My ear kept craving for the sweet sound of the lullaby she was singing to her little child

My mind kept reminiscing on the hardship of being a mother

I didn't realize when I had an outburst and said out loud

Ode to the mothers who endure the pains of carrying a child in her body for 9 good months

Ode to the mothers who pass through unbearable pains just to bring a life to this world

Ode to those mothers mothers who bleed for days resulting from giving birth to a child

Ode to those mothers who have to show out their precious blossom in public just to feed their child

Ode to the mothers who had sleepless night just for their child to sleep

Ode to those mothers who struggle hard just for their child to have a good life

Ode to those mother who sacrifice their goals to help attain that of their children

Ode to every mothers out there in the world

I came to a conclusion

Mothers are priceless gold which can never be bought


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