Seyilio2022/04/09 00:16

Now I know that loving is hard

It doesn't always work

Each time I try to fall in love

I get hurt and broken

I get up and try again

But it seems history always repeats itself

Each time I feel like giving up

I remember that you have to fall to rise

And you have to fall before you realize

you were walking in the wrong direction

sometimes I feel like I really need

someone to love me

I know it doesn't come easily

maybe am just not good enough at all

to fall in love

sometimes I feel like I should stop trying

It makes me wonder if the saying that

love is a game for fools to play

Is actually true

I know one day I will finally find my heart drop

The one that will make me complete

until then I guess I have to keep on trying

Because as wise men say

love is worth fighting for.


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