Seyilio2022/04/09 00:14

The poem is about Nigeria and the agony that people pass through



election don dey come

our so called leaders are now seen in the market roasting corn with market women

they are seen in schools receiving lectures with students

the same students they abandoned four years ago

they have made to some of us offers that we cannot reject

the youths don dey collect money

dey don forget wetin happen for toll gate

the government have used us we are now using ourselves for rituals

the people have become so gullible and myopic that corruption remains unseen

we are living in a country where leaders are looters

where the number of people waiting to loot are more than the people looting already

we are living in a country where our speed limit is controlled by the number of pot holes in our roads

where the common man can no longer afford common things

where our hospitals are now dead centers

a country where lawyers destroy justice

where universities destroy knowledge

where the press destroy information

a country where the government destroy the people

a country where the people destroy the people

a country where yahoo and money rituals is now the last hope of the common man

a country where crime is prime

a country where connection is seen as connection

a country where religion destroy morals

a country where banks destroy the economy of the country

a country where crime is celebrated

a country where fornication and immorality is seen as catching cruise

the question is who shall tell the truth?


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