Me and my ❤️

Jerry Bright2022/04/08 07:29

Treat your heart right

Me and my ❤️

My heart, though delicate and small

It's the mastermind behind my emotions and will

When it's door is thrown wide open,

Filth rushes through

It's so precious that good and bad seek to enter in

But it's my king and I have to guard it with all I have

When it's down, my whole kingdom goes with it

It tells me what is right and I shut my ears

When everything goes south, it tells me "I warned you"

I have a friend which is closer than I know

But seems too complicated to follow

In it's bitterness, hatred and contempt is all there is

It ruins me on the inside when I think I'm at ease

It works like a computer

What I give is what I get

Viruses in human form try to alter it's mode of operation

When it's sick, choices become had to pick

When hurt, it calls out for friends

It looks out the window to find peace

It turns to a neighbour for love

It calls a mate for kindness

It holds on to it's buddy for trust

But then it looks at me to find all it's searching for

It's the closest friend I have indeed

Our relationship status just became 'married'

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