ysteve2022/04/06 18:14

incase this the last sunset that I ever see😔,

Let me speak my heart before this cruel world I leave🚶,

I get so lost in the moment I can't breathe ☠️,

I think am starting to like how it all feel😇💔,

Need help with them demons they part of me👥,

Here comes my guardian angel his name be weed🍁,

Maybe that's why I stay high because he never leaves🤞,

You say nicotine kills and friends' what I need💙

This ain't no poem it's my note before I go🚶,

Next time we meet I'll be a person you won't know🤧,

They say good days are coming but I have no hope💔,

It's hard hoping when you feel so damn alone😭,

No one listens, not even when am screaming out loud😩,

I guess it's too late, am lost and can't be found❌,

You should have listened when I was still around😔

Everything I need is always too high to reach it😑,

It's like running a race and you know you ain't winning 😣,

F*ck life, now in my sorrow am drowning 😩,

I seem to get it wrong, what is it am always lacking🤔💔

Feels like real love is something am not worth it💔

Red cup on my hand, lean am always sipping🤧,


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