Evee2022/04/05 21:03

This poem is just about how life treates you , a little something i wrote in 2-3 mins I hope you all like it 😊


Life is short ,

So dont abort ,

Enjonment is your priority ,

Make your dreams a reality .

Time goes on ,

So just work upon ,

Hard work takes hold ,

Always be bold .

Love your self ,

To the excess ,

Chasing up will come success ,

But also hardwork is your expence .

Try to run and you will fail ,

Leave it be and you will stail ,

Loveing your self is the key ,

Thus it make it your priority .

Leave hopes and down you go ,

Into the water drowning low ,

Try your best and never let go ,

Life will drag u to an amazing flow .

Trust your self till the end ,

Thus life will show the splended .

Get up if you fall down ,

Never let life turn around .

Be bold be calm and be wise ,

Even tho life will drag you down thrice .

Believing is the root ,

Thus you'll get the boren fruit .

— Evneet Manocha


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