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Never let your past put your back to the ground, This is the story of a boy who still succeeded despite all he went through.


So many Sad Stories we never get to hear. How do they all end? Tragically? Or Happily? Who knows. This is a story of a Boy who faced the full forces of life in the hands of his Foster Mother.

Eddie, A boy who was sold as a slave to a Rich family. Eddie thought he was finally in good hands but unfortunately, he was even in worse hands. Cindy, the mother he was sold to was literally a witch. she was so wicked to Eddie yet over pampers her Toddler twins. Eddie wasn't given the chance to go to school like Cindy's children, Cindy never wanted Eddie to be smarter than her kids in any way.

Eddie was a machine in Cindy's hands, He'd Wake up as early as 4am and start his duty or else he'll face the consequences of Cindy. Eddie would do every single chores in the house Except cooking, Cindy never allows him touch her Ingredients. Whenever Eddie fails a chore, Cindy would punish him by Not feeding him. Infact, Most times she doesn't feed him for no reason, She feels good watching him suffer. Cindy's husband isn't always around cause he's always going for international conferences and all.

Meanwhile, Eddie was a thief, Whenever he's not given food, He'll go out in the middle of the night to Steal from neighbors and Nearby Farms so he could survive. It went on like that ever since until infact he became a professional Thief. For Years he had been stealing to survive and was never caught not until one fate night.

A new neighbor just moved into the street, they looked pretty rich so Eddie decided to see what he could steal to eat from the house. He did all he usually does, got into the house and stole what he could carry. Unknowingly for Him, there were cameras. So as he Bugged into the house, the security alarms were triggered which put the house in a lockdown. Eddie was trapped. Poor Boy, He only need something to eat. The owner of the house came out and saw him standing helplessly in the dining room. He knew he was a thief so he handled him aggressively, He beat the hell out of Eddie and took him to the Police station.

Eddie was to make a report of why he was there, A 17year old who was stealing foodstuffs from a new house. Eddie wasn't educated so he didn't understand anything they all said at the station. He could only speak one language which was his native language. Luckily for him, The man who took him to the station understood his language so he decided to interact with him. Eddie was a bit relieved, He explained everything to the man about how he was being maltreated by his Foster Mother Cindy. After hearing all he said, the Man felt for Eddie and decided to take him far from the reach of his Foster Mother.

The Next day, he took Eddie to a different state and placed him in a school where he could Learn. Eddie was pretty much of a Quick learner. In three months, He was able to learn to speak English fluently to an extent, soon he finished primary education and went to the secondary school. Meanwhile, Cindy was furious about Eddie's escape but she couldn't find him all over the town still. she was so angry she swore to kill him when she finds him. She replaced Eddie with another slave, an older one this time with a lot of strength.

Eddie was pretty smart at the secondary level tho he was much older than his classmates yet he was outstanding, He got a scholarship cause of his hard work and consistency. From there, Eddie was able to pay back his godfather; the mysterious man who brought him to the school. Soon Eddie's success was allover. Eddie graduated the secondary school at 27 being the best student. He was given a scholarship to study abroad cause he wasn't with his right pair of age mates. Eddie went abroad for a 4 year course and was also outstanding. Eddie was a really Smart Man. Soon he started an enterprise with the little changes he gets from scholarships, the enterprise took an hard turn but it went well eventually, soon the enterprise started enlarging and Eddie soon had to expand the business. He bought a Supermarket in the US and soon he was swimming in dollars, his supermarket was a really big one it has lots of branches in different places. Soon, He started building International Supermarkets, Different countries started having different branches of his Supermarket. It was a really big one. Eddie who had become an highly respected person in the country was invited for a conference meeting in Nigeria. He did had a branch in Nigeria so it was more of an opportunity for him to visit the branch and check progress. After the Meeting which went well, He went to his supermarket with his bodyguards. He addressed his workers, Went round the place and was happy.

As he was about walking out, He saw a woman cleaning, It wasn't just any woman, It was Cindy. She looked really old and hard to look. Her face was wrinkled yet she couldn't look at Eddie either. Eddie told his men to bring Cindy to him. She couldn't look at him. She was Sorry for all the made him go through. She claimed she now hates herself for all she made Eddie go through as a kid in her hands. Her two kids died Overdosing cause of her carelessness and her husband left her cause of her wickedness and arrogance. Cindy had to suffer for the consequences of her actions. Now she's a cleaner at Eddie's own supermarket. Eddie was pitiful so he forgave her and decided to help her. He gave her charge over a branch of his in another state so she moved and started life afresh, Cindy is now a Big woman who still regrets her actions and promises never to be harsh on anyone. Eddie moved on with his life, got married and is now blessed with 3 kids.

The End.


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