Love of a fallen angel

Azrael2022/04/04 14:44
Love of a fallen angel

What does this title mean

Is it related to my gene or my words between

A divine revelation or intervention

None, only my father transcending invention

As I fall from the heavens broken and alone

My father's creation that I despised so much

Hair like the sun, eyes not fearing the unknown

In all the mysteries of heaven I haven't heard of such

Her speech moved with the silent breeze

And as she touches my wings the time freezes

My wings of emotion soared each time I see her

My lips sings to the heavens and across far

Once desired the heavens but I see something better

I desire something greater since wen I met her

I shall always sing this celestial music to every channel

Telling them the story of the love of a fallen angel

Hear me both the heavens and the earth

I have found one in wic the sun was given birth

Has I sing to the ending of time as my heart desire

I will be with you as you shine brighter


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