Young Lizzy

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Story of a young girl who had to face the full forces of wickedness at her young age

Young Lizzy.

Young Lizzy, Lost her parents at the age of 12, she was the only daughter of her parents. She was really close to both her parents and was really loved. you'd have said she was the best daughter in the world coz she had awesome parents who loved and cared about her as ever. She was happy until she lost her parents. Young Lizzy was Down. At her young age, one could not believe Young Lizzy could go depressed but she was. Lizzy was really Depressed and traumatized coz she had to experience the death of her parents. Both her dad and mom came to pick her up from school that day to take her to a playground as promised earlier. As Lizzy was running towards the car, Stray bullets from nowhere hit her parents and they died... Lizzy fell and Fainted. She woke up after 3 days of coma in the hospital. She had no one to come check her out or even claim her as family, None of her family members lived close and they didn't even care about her.

She was sent to the Orphanage home since no one came for her. Meanwhile her Relatives had gone to her parents house and cleared all their belongings, owned her father's companies and ran them bankrupt, destroyed Lizzy's mother's Supermarket, stole every valuable inside of it and left... None of them even thought of Lizzy.

Lizzy had no belongings so she was fully keen on the Orphanage provisions. In the Orphanage, It wasn't really an orphanage... it was like infact an hookup site for Pedophiles. Rich men who come to pay the Matrons to sleep with the underages. Lizzy had to be part of them... several useless pedophiles come and abuse the kids, they Weep all day yet their warders just keep enjoying the money they get from it. Lizzy infact became Suicidal.

Weeks after weeks, she was abused and battered. Yet she couldn't do anything coz it'll even make it worse.

She then one day in the midnight woke up to think her way out of the Orphanage Prison. All the doors are always locked with guards everywhere.

She then saw a Small window her whole body could fit in at the ceiling side of the room. She drafted her plan out and she was going to escape the next day. Unknowingly to her, the window leads right to the Matrons' room. After series of Abuse, and it was about time they all slept, she stood up to escape... her plan went well and as she went through the window, She fell right in the middle of the Matrons' room. She was doomed. To punish her, they decided to isolate her... where she'll be gang banged.

She did was Gang Banged. That was the worst nightmare she had ever had. who could imagine a girl of 12 who was Gang Banged. She wasn't going to survive. She was dying... So as not to loose customers, the Matrons decided to take her to the clinic.

The Nurse at the clinic was quite different, she was nice to Lizzy, She did all she could to revive Lizzy and at Las she was okay again. The nurse interacted with Lizzy, Lizzy hesitated to talk alot coz she was seriously broken. Infact, she was going to kill herself as soon as she left the clinic. The nurse talked her out of her head with pretty comfy words... Lizzy then explained how she was gang banged... The nurse was really touched and she felt for Lizzy. she decided to document all what the girls at the Orphanage have been facing and report it to the Police officers. She interviewed Lizzy... and decided to fake her illness so Lizzy could stay longer at the Clinic. Lizzy and the nurse started to plan their escape for real this time. The Nurse knows a lot of Escape routes around the Orphanage so they actually had a plan this time... and their mission was to expose the Orphanage.

The next day, The Nurse and Lizzy aimed for their escape, they were able to pass the guards, stole and car and zoomed off... They had escaped. All documents and evidence against the Orphanage were in a briefcase with the nurse... They were finally going to be free. Not long, Cars started appearing at their back. Lots of black cars following after them with guns... They zoomed on for their lives, the Cars also followed after... Infact, the cars were faster than theirs, They got a glance at who was pursuing them and it was the Matrons and guards from the Orphanage. They were both doomed for real this time.

Lizzy started to weep... As the nurse tried to Comfort Lizzy that all will be okay, There went a bullet right into her forehead. Blood splashed everywhere and the car the nurse was driving had a terrible accident. The Matrons walked towards the car and Burnt it to the ground. Lizzy Was Killed. That was her end, no one ever got to hear her story, she was never given a Chance.

RIP Young Lizzy. We hope someone takes over where you didn't succeed and put those Matrons to Justice.

The End.


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