Mike Ssendikwanawa2022/04/03 20:45



As We Walk Through Our Life Journeys, We Hopefully Plan To Do And Accomplish A Lot Of Things; Great/Small, SeriousFunny And Some Are Refresher Activities Like Sports, Singing, Dancing etc...

However, While On That Journey, We Often Get Caught Up In The Drama Of Wanting To Do Certain Things In What We Regard As Our "FREE TIME"

But The Truth Is, We Don't Have A Free Time To Do Anything, Because If We Still A Constant Of 24 hours A Day, For 365 Days A Year,

Then Whatever You Choose To Do And Accomplish, It's Going To Be In That Precious Time You've SPARED It.

So, In Life, You Always Have A "SPARED TIME" To Do Something Worthwhile.

...Mike Ssendikwanawa...

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