Love for a true friend

Victorious pen ✍️2022/04/02 23:04

Always learn to appreciate the friend you have, it gives them more joy been appreciated by you.

Love for a true friend

Having a true friend is like having a house full of treasures.

When you have a true friend,

whatever happens

I will never leave you alone

And will always worry about you.

To make sure you are always okay 

From the bottom of my heart,

I did not think that I want much from God 

But having you is like a gift given to me from God.

I never thought,

this friendship would be so big and trusted,

Opening our heart to share love and more, 

Now I know, I have a  dear loyal friend.

In this world we have different ways of thinking,

but we have something in common,

And we love each other,

And work and rub minds together, 

As siblings from the same womb of a mother,

and we  do not mind the rest that comes from within.

As time goes by,

Things would change, 

But I would wish for our friendship to last forever,

And be retained.

My love for you,

It is as big as the universe,

strong as iron,

but so tender,

like the clouds and sky,

That gets open for the people to look on.

For me you are very special being 

I have got in life and I will choose you over again

as you are my irreplaceable friend.

I love you and would always will,

No matter what happens.

It is very close,

to the end of our wandering youth.

Now therefore comes,

more responsibilities than before.

In no time,

Everyone takes different paths.

But what I’m sure of,

Is that my heart is,

And always will be

With you my best friend.

I love you with all my heart 

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