Victorious pen ✍️2022/03/31 18:56

Being alone can kill, it about myself hiding from the light because of fears, humiliation, rejected.



I saw myself

In a mirror called life

I despise what I saw both inside and out.

So, I hid myself from myself, people, the universe

I buried myself deep

Deep in my oblivion

Hoping not to be seen nor found.


Sometimes I moist my pillow with tears of pain

Yet, I'll modify nothing 

I did not gain

When could my coronary heart sing the victory song?

Even myself I get tempted at times

To look at myself 

Thanks exhumed my buried self out

To dig the things I put away 

But then I remembered the reflection

I saw in the mirror

I recall while I did it from the start.


I choose my afternoon of freedom

Asking myself

While could my existence glitters?

Why is my existence in hopelessness tong?

When could the desk turn?

it just a memorial of my own burial

Never look back 

To forget who I was, I am

But try to bring out the hidden me through the mirror of life.

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