Her Name is Love

Adrian Mar Rivera2022/03/31 06:01

Short Poem about Love


Have you also wondered?

How would you know, when you're in love?

Then suddenly, she came into my mind,

That's when I knew I was in love,

When I've been grateful all my past didnt work out,

When I keep singing every songs in my playlist,

As if the lyrics were made perfectly,

For her and me,

Love is someone that makes you feel brand new,

Love is the reason you want to change yourself,

And become better,

And be the best for her,

Love? Looks like an angel,

Love? Hurts like hell,

Love? Will tear you to pieces,

Love? Will make you whole once again,

But what i like about love the most?

Were those tiny laugh she makes,

That smirk on her face,

The way she tell her stories,

The way she pour her heart out,

In everything she does,

Her passion, her excitement,

She just keeps on shining.

I want to spend more time with her,

I want to make her laugh,

Make her smile,

Make her forget all her worries away,

I want her, to just keep being beautiful,

As she already is, inside and out.

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