My Name Means Darkness

Adrian Mar Rivera2022/03/31 05:49

Short Poem about Depression


Darkness filled the air,

You can't see nothing but black,

Loneliness is killing you,

You can't do nothing but cry,

The more you think, the more you hurt,

The more you expect, the more you bleed,

You're slowly losing hope, being eaten by your own shadow,

But after the darkness filled you, you've found where you belong,

Most people think darkness is evil,

Absence of light and sprung from the devil,

But little did they know, that the night can be so calming,

Cause there is peace only you can find in nothing,

After I learned how to live with darkness,

Darkness became me,

I no longer fear being alone,

I no longer feel being lonely,

Light will be nothing, if there ain't a shadow behind it,

Gray will always be boring, if there ain't shades that define it,

The stars, the moon, can never be beautiful, without the night skies surrounding,

And Love can never be called Love without the pain it inflicting,

We will never know what happiness truly is, if we never felt sadness,

We will not know success, if we never experienced failure,

We won't try any harder, if we always win,

We won't ever grow if we don't ever stumble,

There are certain things that only became possible,

After experiencing such a bitter past,

There were Art that only formed,

Cause of the wounds that later became scars,

The next time you meet darkness?

Don't be afraid. Befriend him.

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