Just before I plummet

Jerrylove2022/03/26 21:59

A poem centering on love

Just before I plummet

Just before I plummet

If I dare closer to initiate a "hello",

I fear her response may be hollow.

How long will I keep lurking in my Shadow?

How long will I keep beckoning in the darkness?

You are close by me,

Yet far away are thee.

I'm far away,

Yet at the edge of your bed I sit,

Watching you as you sleep;

For beside you I must stay.

I am a worshiper of your glory,

I remain unnoticed from afar.

I secret my fondness in a story,

I fear our world is apart.

I am asleep, yet my heart is awake.

I am awake, yet my mind is asleep.

The thought of your 'no' leaves me afraid.

Ouch! If my heart beep further, I'll bleed.

Few and lowly are my desires:

To be noticed and to be admired.

Is that too much a wish to aspire?

I'll labour a lifetime to the limelight.

The troubles of the world,

Are like water lashing ashore.

But with a "yes" from you,

Half my troubles will be gone.

And with your smile and more,

Brighter my stale smiles may be due.

My fondness for you have made me learnt to fly.

But my wings, oh my wings are made of wax!

I have travelled for you this far and high,

Hardly can I retrieve my route and tracks.

If you would let me to thy closest,

I'll hold your face in my arms, just before I plummet.

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