How to Choose Your Women's Diamond Earrings?

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Carefully chosen, our diamond earrings are delightful designs that will embellish your ears with shine and light. You will have the pleasure of discovering a wide range of models in different shapes, from classic versions with a central diamond to earrings accompanied by other precious or fine stones. Our catalog is also made up of more fancy models such as heart-shaped, star-shaped, or clover-shaped earrings. A wide variety of loops are at your disposal. You can also choose the type of setting you want: claw setting, closed, or even rail. All choices are possible on Gemistone! Our earrings are made from white, yellow, or rose gold, 9 or 18 carats. Precious metals are used for their extremely high quality. Our jewels are sold with a certificate of authenticity attesting to the quality of the stone and the metal.

How to Choose Your Women's Diamond Earrings?

What are Diamond Earrings?

Diamond earrings for women illuminate a face and sparkle a look. The symbolism of the diamond earring is organized around the feminine character of the ear.

Indeed, remember that the diamond earring has above all an aesthetic role. It is precious and undeniably elegant. It aims to draw the eye to the ear, this organ often hidden by hair. A symbol of femininity, solitaire diamond earrings is sometimes deliberately hidden. Earrings are unusual pieces of jewelry since they are worn in pairs.

How to Wear Diamond Earrings?

Diamonds are the very best in the jewelry world. Most women long to own a pair of brilliant round diamond earrings. But once you have them, how should you wear them? Fortunately, diamonds are as versatile as they are beautiful.


Here are some tips for the next time you wear your favorite diamond earrings:


What type are your diamond earrings?


Before deciding how to wear your diamond earrings, you should consider the shape and size. 1 Carat Diamond Studs Earrings are the most popular and common type of earrings. These small gemstones sit in your ear with a post. They are classic and understated while still being beautiful. Visit out online store at Gemistone Jewelers, we offering wide range of diamonds and different types of earrings.


Diamond Stud Earrings 


Adopt the diamond ear stud to highlight your face! It has always been the flagship model that all women dream of having in their jewelry box, but it is also a pair that has seduced men with pierced ears.

Particularly luminous, these loops are a charming asset that attracts the eye regardless of the size of the stones.


A multitude of arguments justifies the fact of wanting to own one. Earrings with diamonds are very popular first of all for the preciousness of the stone. As a rare diamond becomes rare, it becomes increasingly popular around the world.


How to Pick the Right Diamonds for your Women's Earrings?


First of all, you should know that 4 criteria define the quality of a diamond: its weight, its color, its purity, and its size. Therefore, to choose the best diamond that will go on your ring, you must take these 4 criteria into account.


For the choice of the diamond, you must take into account the quality of the cut. Each size corresponds to a note. It's worth noting that a diamond is a store of brilliance and light. The grades assigned to it qualify the hardness and quality of the gemstone. 


It is international diamond laboratories, such as HRD, IGI, or GIA, which assign the ratings guaranteeing the brilliance rate of your diamond. To know the rating, you will find indications such as Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. Of course, the best will be to take the one that obtains the “Excellent” rating.


Which Metal?


If it is above all a matter of taste, know that with old earrings in 18 carat gold (yellow gold, pink gold, or white gold) or in 925 silver, you will run less risk of having an allergic reaction than with other metals.


Depending on This Hairstyle


And yes, of course, depending on her hairstyle! Because if you are looking for old earrings for your wedding, for example, you will not choose the same ones whether you are wearing a bun or with your hair loose!


With the hair tied up, earrings, hoop earrings, or Pissarides are ideal. Present, they complete a look. This advice also applies to short hair.

With loose hair, there are two possibilities. Or more discreet earrings, like studs or sleepers. Or very large hoops, visible despite your loose hair.


Knowing How to Show off When Choosing Your Earrings


To choose the right earrings, you have to take models that are in the trend, it is ideal to sublimate your face and be up to date with fashion. These are made to illuminate your complexion and highlight you. 


However, you have to choose them, as we said above, according to your haircut, and their color, you also have to take them according to your look, to stay true to yourself. 


When you have a short haircut or your hair tied up, this accessory is essential to dress up your ears, which will no doubt be visible. They also allow you to assert your look and attract attention. 


It is also important to note that the color of your earrings matters just as much, some colors can make you look better, while others can very well tarnish you. It is, therefore, better to do some tests on yourself to have the best choice.


Mistakes and tips to know when Choosing Earrings


Some mistakes are to be avoided when choosing your earrings. For example, if you have a short neck, ban at all costs big earrings and long pendants, it can pack you down, the ideal in all cases is to put earrings that reach your jaw. 


For rounds, voluminous curls are not recommended, they may give more volume to your figure. Those who are slender will then avoid the hanging and thin ones. You should also avoid putting on a necklace if you already have large earrings, or combine them with discreet jewelry.


However, take off your earrings before going to bed, this will prevent you from hurting your ears, and damaging your accessory, you could also get caught in the sheets or with your hair. You should also not forget to clean them before wearing them, avoiding of course damaging them.


Sleek and Timeless, the diamond stud earrings is a creation that can be worn at any age and for any occasion. If you have a gift to offer, don't hesitate, to contact us at +91 785 999 2163 or mail us at [email protected], it is a purchase that can only please! 

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