Starting a New Life in Outer Space

aestheticc2022/03/20 16:18
Starting a New Life in Outer Space

All my bags are packed, all the stuff in my room is gone. I’ve been sleeping in this room for 20 years now, ever since I was a kid this was my very first room. A lot of memories were made inside this room; all those heartbreaks, breakdowns, joyful time with friends, and of course all those ‘me time’ that I surely enjoy. I’m going to miss this room, this house, this life—cause starting today I’m starting a new life in a new place; starting a new life in outer space.

As I go down the stairs to bid my parents farewell, I can see the sadness in my mother’s eyes. She hugged me and tears started falling down her cheeks, I can feel it as it drips down through my shirt to my skin. I held back my tears as my dad approached us with teary eyes and proud smile. He then hugged me and my mother—a sign of farewell from my beloved parents; I can no longer hold back my tears. We stayed like that for two more minutes then I pulled back and looked at them with a smile on my face, as I walked out the door—for my escort was outside our house. I looked at them for the last time, as I mouthed them ‘goodbye, I love you so much’. And the car started to drive away from our house, ‘I’m going to miss them both’.

As we arrived at NASA’s station, I was bamboozled as I looked at it from outside the car window. ‘all of my dreams are coming true’ I thought to myself. ‘congratulations for being one of the first persons to voyage around the milky way galaxy’ the administrator of NASA said while welcoming me inside their agency. 'Tomorrow morning your journey to the center of the galaxy begins, all those hard work and training for the past 2 years will be put to test tomorrow. This will be one big step of humanity in discovering and learning the mystery of our galaxy. May god guide and help us with our adventure’ the administrator said while doing his speech in front of a podium, all my colleagues are here; excitement can be seen in their eyes, for tomorrow we will become the first ever humans to ever voyage the milky way galaxy.

We were dismissed and were ordered to rest for tomorrow will be our big day. As I was reading my favorite childhood book—the little prince—my roommate started talking. ‘tomorrow’s the day the world will finally see us soar up high in the sky, with our dreams being in front of us. The world will finally realize that we are no more than a delusional group chasing “some dream” that is unreal. We can finally tell them that they were wrong for doubting us’ my roommate said with excitement and pride seen all over his face. I too feel the same as him, for people laughed at us for soaring this dream. All my colleagues and I were belittled by other people for having such goals, but tomorrow we can all prove them wrong. Excited as I can be, I can’t put myself to sleep.

The day has finally come, we’ve been waiting, training and working hard for this day to come. And here we are, in outer space suits getting ready to board the shuttle. My heart can’t stop beating; I feel like it’ll jump right out of my chest, but I hope it won’t because I still want to live and know the mystery of the universe. As we were all packed and ready to board; we stand align outside our shuttle—the transportation we needed for our voyage. As I looked at my colleagues whose eyes were full of joy, excitement, nervousness and pride. As they call our names one by one, we started to walk inside the rocket. As we were seated in our seats, the countdown began. “the shuttle will now take off in approximately 1 minute” one minute more and all my dreams will be coming true. “we will now take off in 10….9….8….7….6…5….4….3….2….1 TAKE OFF” as the rocket took off I can feel my heart pounding as hard as the sound of the rocket going up in space.

After the rough ride we are now in space, I can see the earth like I’ve never seen before. The sun whose light reflects in our eyes more, with zero gravity can be felt like walking underwater. And the dark vast of nothingness can be seen right in front of me. As I looked at my colleagues whose expressions are the same as mine, I thought to myself ‘this is the greatest view I will ever see in my entire life’ then everything turned white as our engine failed and an explosion occurred.

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