"Silent Love"

Jelvin S. Gibson2022/03/11 13:36

Silent Love expresses the silent feeling that one has for another to deliver. It is poem that talk about the silent bond one share with each other

"Silent Love"

"Silent Love"

"Silent Love"

By: J.S. Gibson

Her heart pounds as I run my fingers through her hair

Her love becomes shadow as I try to identify the image on the wall.

How quiet it is,

How delicious it would taste if I have a zip of her lips.

I step towards her as I inhale a shaky breath,

Just can't bare the silent of her love.

I try to think of happy things,

But still the tears stream

I trusted you, you know,

I give you my love, you accept,

Yet your actions prove loneliness.

Your tricks, the dark looks, the anger,

Were the sign I see from a distance.

I did the same to you,

Because I was afraid of letting you in.


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