The Now Time

Fodux2022/03/09 19:27

This poem show our strength in hard time, whichever way we choose to handle the Hard time , give details of our capacity within

The Now Time


Do you see the bad?

When the storm of life ,drives fast

As if it were going to last?

Do you see the bad ?

When sicknesses drag lives miserably

And uncontrollably ineffective?

Do you see the bad ?

When every efforts prove unproductive

Despite all labours and pains?

How do you see the bad ?

In the hard time , is it worse ?

Does the worse become worst?

Are there good time in the bad?

Yes ! There 's strength in being weak.

Loud noise in being silent.

Yes ! There's life in being dead.

What do you see in the bad and hard time?

Foluso Goodluck.

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