"Cyberspace: A love I found"

k1nOfficial2022/03/05 05:05

this poem gives content to a love that's found on virtual space

"Cyberspace: A love I found"

Days had gone bad, disastrous, and wild

The social interaction was all becoming an unhealthy card

Myriad of mediums to choose from but this space

This space is never gonna be that old piece in a burning furnace

It's exciting


And that burning feeling

Like the one you ought heaven and the moon from falling

Virtual, internet, but what else, I call it Cyberspace

A mile or ten we have of an end-to-end space

But our love would grandly surpass this condemning space

For I can't chase away this opportunity like having one of a china vase

Just the thought of seeing how your face

Lights up when you smile

I would rob a piggy bank if I'm short to expense

A chance to see your wholesome face

Voice messages

Requited feelings

Unending and late night calls

Euphoria: I'm an addict to your charms and giggles

Your interest in arts and cookery

I love it more than I would say "jewelry"

Your love of drawings, masterpieces and fish

I know for sure you would look very cute if I hit that spot that's ticklish

Not later a month the cheery blossoms

Not later a week our late night talks bloom

But that doesn't corrupt my feelings for you

For I know it's genuine and worth lasting

I was, should I term it, captivated

From the way you talk and giggle

To the way I know how humble and loving are you

I will confess a river that my feelings are true and pure

My wish will now be charmed with delicate affection for you

To the stars that are shown at night

To the fog that envelops these mountains at dawn

My feelings won't flee but will tie you a red string and would stay

The cuteness of your giggles

Deprives me of a choice to get sad

To be void of feelings and be mad

Just your cute giggle, it moves my heart like how a rocket would take off to space

I would do anything to have this happy feeling never be driven away

If I have to cross servers just for this to stay

I would do if miles away

I must cross the sea just to arrive at your front bay

You dropped the word must I say I know you mean it

For real, what I feel was beyond euphoria

Must you hear it

I know you would feel how cringe and surreal it is

I am falling for you

I am sure I am

So I will treasure you

More than these books, because nothing surpasses you but another you, and there is no another you

I love you

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