Earth: Bleakness of the possible future

k1nOfficial2022/03/05 04:54

this poem serves as my very message to the world as it is engulfed in such "havoc"

Earth: Bleakness of the possible future

Earth: Bleakness of the possible future


Child, oh, my child, my favored child

What has gotten on you to act so vivid and wild?

Your thoughts became your actions,

Shouldn’t they just have to stay on your mind?


Oh, my child, do not desolate the future

I can see it in your eyes, the tears are pure torture

Your fellows as weeping, asking for a truce

Please engage in peace talks and forget about brute force


Guarantee that the end-result for this is a broken home

Weeping, unfortunate tears, heavy hearts and a crushed bone

Oh, my dear child, do not forego this, hear, and accept the atonement of the past

Riffles, tanks and what else from the armory, they can’t be a child’s breakfast


Bleakness of the possible future

Open your heart and end the torture

Let yourself be open for having a heart to save a child of a peaceful future

The only cure is to end this every home’s torture


My other child, you are witnessing the present of green and yellow

Your other brothers’ views are limited to greys of ash and an unhealthy darkest of hue

My prayers are for you, my children

These bombs, collection of smugness, pride of nations, offer nothing but burden


The content of my heart should be derivative to your dreams

It only seers nothing but peace and joyful hymns

Oh, my children, I cannot help but to weep

I only want nothing but the peace to be kept


If the only objective is to undergo and maintain this havoc

I want to cover these children, these nations, my favored with tenderness and proclivity

I, Earth, if can, I will showcase to you my anger for this, my loathsome.

With disaster to rust your armory and swerve this desolation into a world of tranquil and freedom


You have your very cause for desolation and invasion

But a man must not cost myriad of men to a war in declaration

I created life, oh, my child, I verily granted you nothing but to preserve my creation

Not to use them for your force of a mass destruction


Nevertheless, your actions and your brothers’” invitation” for this

You are still my child, you are my epitome

I can still see the care for others, the heart for a soul, the happiness in your face

If whatever is in your mind, I only wish one thing but a peace to become


This is your own anecdote, your very own narrative to be told

The future that’s blearing to the eyes shall hold onto what can be told

Many [minds] of your brothers will continue to commit crimes

Should you, at the very least remember this, I, Earth, shall hold my unfavored tears


Nations from nations will uphold anything

Children, my children, you are my everything

I am giving you power over the future

But now, what is given, is the bleakness of the possible future


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