Desire & Lust

Baby face 😍2022/03/05 00:45

Just the way the evening breeze hits my skin So your kisses ignites my desires I yearn for your touch and hunger for love Patiently, obstinately Just to taste the sweet passion that comes with you I want to stop but I can't help it I look into your eyes and I'm mesmerized Caught and trapped in a web A very beautiful web I know it's just for the flesh But I can't help giving my heart with it I've fallen and can no longer stand upright on my feet Fallen helplessly in love with every fiber and atom of you I know I hope in vain coz what you can only offer is desire....

Desire & Lust


He always gaze at me effortlessly

Just like a child eyeing a piece of cake

I stood frozen to a spot and my legs won't budge

I could feel the aura emanating from him

He's stirring up desire and need in me

Drawing me like a moth to a flame

I can't help it any longer

I just have to give in to the wants of my body


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