Johntee2022/03/04 09:13

I broke my heart for you and you think it was funny πŸ’”



Baby, with you my home is made

Though a billion girls but I'll keep choosing you

Cause you are the heartbeat I never wanna skip

Never letting you off my mind for a second

I will wait for you, keep thinking of you all day

Waiting patiently for you beside that pink sunset where the sun plaited the sky in a tint pale of pink.

That place under the rainbow 🌈 where we confessed our first love for each other.

Where we broke our virgin lips

Probably, it will be our second kiss.

If it's to risk it all to win you a second time, imma risk it all.

There may be chaos all day

But Incase, you ever foolishly forget,

I will never ever stop loving you,

My safe place


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