Deplorable Bigots

Fodux2022/02/27 16:36

Love covers many things , a man whose heart is shielded with love sees above your race, family, national and above your present state... Love says no to racism ... The poet use some figurative expression, and rhetorical questions to drive home his point. Another

Deplorable Bigots

Deplorable Bigots

The mysterious disapproval of his person

Came with a shuddered, " unbelievable !"

They said , their testimony was a reason

To have accepted a act so despicable...

Despicable!! a act so despicable.

Twas like a putrid odor

From a deserted sacrifice to gods.

People's abstinence was evident ,

Non relations, neither associates

This is wrong!! so despicable.

Come to think of it.

How did we got here?

Your earth positioning ? How was it chosen?

By default , or predetermination?

If defaulted, then ,how was it chosen ?

Predestination? Who determined you?

How did we got here?

What's your fair take in all these ?

Love covers , love covers

If permitted , love covers all .

Foluso Goodluck.


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