The orphan

Bindu2022/02/25 21:32

Why I'm I this miserable

The orphan

The orphan

She's fatherless, lonely and miserable.

She may say dry fish is better than meat, that is because she doesn't know better.

She always heard from others that orphan are God children. He's the richest, Misericordia as well as most powerful father of all but why does she feel this miserable.

Yesterday she slept hungry but she's sure she had pray, maybe God was occupied with other fatherless. He will surely give her something today.

Her uncle love his children so much, he always congratulate them for all. nobody congratulate her, even when she had the first note in her official exam, nobody gave her a gift.

She went in search for a job but she got nothing. There's surely a note somewhere on how to live a happy orphan life.

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