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We can say no to suicidal thoughts, as we cry for help on issues bothering us. The poem is metaphysical, also on our metal health, coupled with many figures of speech, . . The poet choice of words is not hard to understand . Say no to suicidal thoughts as you cry for help. Enter your content here



The soul was left with emptiness

Having ridden off it's completeness.

Twas as if nothing was left,

Things began to crumble and crept

like an injured snake that lost its alertness.

The soul's trepidation becomes real,

As real life situation move thru' ordeal.

The silence echoes to the rythmicals

Vibration of the distressing metals.

Souls need help, help, all help.

Help must come now , it's now!

The groaning of the soul is stiffer,

Help must come now , it's now!

The pains in the soul is deeper.

Help arrived , the soul lit to flame,

Crumbled crumbs creep, as lamed

Joy oozes thru' the heart saying

Here's help!! the soul has lighted to flame.

Foluso Goodluck.


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