Treasure: Hymn of the Birds

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The subject of this poem is nature. I also used metaphors throughout the content of this poem. E.g..."The hymn of the birds The whoosh of the rivers The breeze of the mountain dews These are nature’s offer of a captivating paradise "

Treasure: Hymn of the Birds

Treasure: Hymn of the Birds

A scenery that’s not indistinct to a paradise’s beauty

These birds roaming the earth like an open sea

The flashing of colors illuminated the very eyes of the watchers and passers

A treasure, the hymn of the birds that are more than philanthropic and nostalgic

Dancing red, lilies on the lagoon of the rhapsodic blue at the center of the greenery

An eminent beauty of colors that antagonize everyone’s melancholy

Warriors held their pistols, yet this beauty can be a child’s very owned armory

“Treasure me for I can give a shelter that’s sweeter than of the bee’s honey”, said a Tree

Yes, everyone can be a memory, every one can leave a remembrance.

But the tress in the woods, they leave the mainland with either their old and rotting roots

However as that their trunks that had undergone cutting and shredding

True beauty they give to the flesh they offer shelters, but these fleshes can offer them untold tragedy

The hymn of the birds

The whoosh of the rivers

The breeze of the mountain dews

These are nature’s offer of a captivating paradise

There’s more than what meets the eyes of an opportunist

The beautiful sanctuary of an undisturbed sea

The landmark of heaven and earth’s crest

And the location of an unveiled trench

We create our own picture of a perfect abode

But let the melody be the hymn of the bird

The whooshing by the river banks

The fogs that signify the awakening of the flesh in the mountain tops

Everyone has a soul for nature

And thy soul holds its very future

Nature can bring its own demise

But a dispute by bombs and arms from the armory can leave trace of torture to it

For the generations ahead

May your ancestors have recorded the hymn of the bird

For the root of humanity will engage in another tragedy

I wish you are feed with a romantic and a mellow melody

Melody of pure thoughts and innocence

For the bravery of a soul starts at the very core

A home that he was born at is his soul’s cornerstones

His journey starts right from his first screech

Relive the peace, consider a truce, value the thought of a paradise

Breathe the blessing that’s air, embrace the coolness of the atmosphere

Relish the beauty of the flashing colors that are splashing at your window panes

You can veto the uproar by the land, must you consider the bloodshed and pains

Healthy mind is of a man who does not slaughter other man of his blood

The destiny for many depends on nobody but God

A cry of nature Is a call to humanity, to human

An answer to the call depends not on one man of a flesh, but to the heavenly one


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