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The african child

I come from a family where I'm the only one related to me. I have been the blacksheep since birth. I look different and i sound different too. I also happen to be the reason why they are not successful in life. When i get something done, they tell each other as if it's a threat to them. Whenever they are not in good terms, they all run to me. I have had days without meals while i could hear them feasting from my bed. They gave me torn blankets when i was little. I was given the coldest room. Actually even my folks dislike me. I was sent to a local high school so that the i could fetch for their cows on weekends.  I fetched firewood but i never got a share of what they prepared. Whenever i washed my clothes, i was beaten for wasting water. Whenever i see people walking with their families, i feel broken. I don't even appear in any of their photo album. I don't even feel like i belong to them.... #repost
But do i care??
Mùru wa Mbùrù 👑

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