S.O.M2022/02/20 12:37

A narrative poem of how my Saturday-morning went



It was on a Saturday rainy day

Was going to “mile 2” sorry “Obalende”

Tried using the Uber app but “network no Dey”

Picked up my raincoat like “I had to be on my way”

Rushed to the bus stop didn’t want no delay

Got there just in time to meet the last bus

Entered the bus just to only find six people

Thinking out loud “bruh why the hurry it’s just us”

He replied “you no see rain Dey fall you wan Dey press pause”

Bus started moving and we had just passed four stops

Then I heard a loud noise “Praise God”

The lady next to him was in so much shock

She had to shake her head and nod

I Just laughed like ha ha good lord

He went on preaching for minutes

Focused his topics on lies and deceit

Saying if you steal from God you’ll be dealt with

Flexing every vein like a protruding clit

Then he took is sit

Thought that was all till we had more on the bus

This man was here to advertise drugs

Said we all had this infection inside us

That the drugs he had could cure us

That all he asked was 200 box (#200)

With so much vigor he talked

But no one answered, they bored

Kept on explaining word by word

Like the drugs are genuine he swore to God

After so much persuasion

He hissed, sat without hesitation

Mumming “we can’t even see his condition”

Saying he’s leg aches from his talking position

The woman behind him whispered” nah your only option”

Almost reaching “Obalende”

Few minutes after two girls said “pilot e Dey”

A man shouted at the back saying “where my change nah which way”.

He heard “Wetin you talk, you say”

Replied with anger

“Give my change before I loose my temper”

“Calm down oga” the drivers voice got softer

Passing the man his change with a little laughter

Well it was now 10am

The rain has stopped it’s mayhem

Like so much happened in this bus didn’t it

Didn’t want to board it

But it was worth it

My rainy Saturday morning

That was it.



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