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This poem explores the nature of Nigerian girls who are used to betraying their boyfriends, that actually love them, and date another man without separating with the latter. In this poem I shows how my girl date another boyfriend, despite the fact that she promised me that I'll be the one and only guy she'll date and live with. Happy reading!



Like night she walks in beauty

and her mind piled with unsent

messages composed for her beloved

And like a city that were once a jungle

I imagined her arrival, come; kisses, hugs,

praises and her untiring love-devours

I was engorged with her love

In anticipation of her benign appearance

deluged with the benevolent of her abundance

Hellbent! I saw her clung like a siwes-material

on another fashionista, tiptoeing down the

pavement like the moon in the midnight

I laid stranded

eyeing them walk in exuberance

and let her ¹seduced him to ²cum.

PS: ¹married, ²peace.

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