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A little summary about a friend of mine 😅🌹




KeSsy best in beauty she says, let’s see

The look in her eyes it’s always like impress me 

On her status it’s “I’m tired please don’t stress me”

This girl is currently in lasucom yeah school of medicine

Even her colleagues there call her madam persii


Cus she heads the school of nursing 

Dang!!  looks like I’ve been stalking 

Her dimples left and right on check 

No big ass but a nice perk 

Her skin bright like RA’s light 

Her vibe on point like  “yeah that’s right!”

Her voice makes me wanna say “you could be mine right?!”

Stay wicked stay wicked she says 

Oh girls don’t let yourself be swayed 

By the false world men have made 

But it’s just a shade 

Cus she don’t wanna be played

She writes she dance her talents spread wide 

Calm and collected far from pride 

A team player she is 

Short sighted she sees…., but 

Her glasses on her so gorgeous & sweet 

Mama I adore you 

A queen you are & shout out to the woman that bore you 

Eyes like she’s Asian 

Her goals set in motion 

Highs me like I’m on potion 

Met November saw December 

Like that morning had so much ginger 

Cus I was going to see her 

For me a day to remember ☺️☺️

I could go on for hrs talking bout this ember gem 💎 

Her beauty makes me clear my throat like “mm mm ‘em” 😅😅

No dry days or time in her dm

Pray we always tight 

Argue but never fight 

Her name kesiena “now the time is right”❤️❤️

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