Matters Of The Heart ❤️

S.O.M2022/02/08 17:34

This talks about feelings, actions, that affects decisions made by our heart, its also a poem to help motivate. Thanks.

Matters Of The Heart ❤️

Matters Of The Heart ❤️

Matters of the heart

Desire’s one cannot discuss

With family, one cannot entrust

Thoughts that bind you to this mortal plane

Sometimes it makes you pray you’re sane

Cus When it thunders your eyes they rain

They vary in people and are not the same

These thoughts come like you taking a tour

Till you find your sorry self craving for more

These are not feelings you think you can ignore

You guard your heart, break the keys and protect the door

But unknown to you a little leak still pours

The leaks are form anxiety, self pity and shame

Then they begin to grow till you just can’t tame

Cannot be controlled yet filtered

Focus less on wants but on what matter

Social illusion makes the world shine like glitter

But you’d find out some parts are actually bitter

Proverbs says to guard your heart

For everything you do flows from it

Not everything seen is true some deceit

A world sugar coated far from sweet

It’s not saying to make your heart cold

But have fun and chop life on code

Don’t always do as told

Most times wait and see how things unfold

The heart want what it wants they say

But too much stress on it makes it weak and fray

Things of the world might betray

But your God is here to Stay

There a little this poem can do

But it can be more if you work on you

Don’t let things they say get to you

Cus the only one that can stop you is you

Engage in beautiful things like art

When troubled it can help to calm your mind

Take your ears far from Rats

For only you know matters of your heart.

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