The beginning

Palermo2022/02/08 12:02

Everyone has a point where life begins. This words are meant to take you back to the way you used to do things and how you have realized that everyone's destiny is in his hands.

The beginning

The beginning

As long as I am alive and able to breathe, then I am hopeful.

Waking up each day is a reminder that a lot can still be done.

It is an opportunity to be grateful. Breathing is an evidence of hope.

No matter how dark it is now, there's always light at the end of every turnel.

I can still dream dreams. I can still set my goals and bring life into my imaginations.

What I should be, is what I was meant to be.

After all, as a man thinketh, so is he.

Over the years I have thought that life is meant to be copied and pasted. I thought that if others have it all planned, all I needed was to copy their lives, paste it on mine, then it's all perfect.

Little did I know that everyone must be the architect of his own life.

What I should be is what I should imagine.

It's not that I should envy the achievement of others but to emulate only, the courage and strength they put together to be what they want to be.

Pillar, they say, is the cornerstone of a house. But What if I am more than a pillar. What if I am the builder, as well as the house itself. It means I must design my life, build it and also live it.

It means I must embrace goodness and live a life worth emulating. It means that my thoughts at all times should be about improvements, positivity and Deligency.

It means my thoughts at all times must be about the things that makes me feel accomplished and happy.

Like many others, it may have taken me time to realise what my intentions and purpose in life should be. But there's always a beginning.

It's never a bad time to start putting things in place. Life isn't about how long I have been breathing, life begins when I start to live it.

It begins the moment I no longer fold my hands and watch others do it. It begins when I realized how beautiful my world is. It begins the moment I start to imagine things and bring them to reality for everyone to see. This is my beginning.

Written by :Fredrick Adedeji

Living and Surviving.



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