Alaso2022/02/05 11:45

I am a person with lived experience of bipolar mood disorder. Insomnia is one of my struggles .

3 A.M

3 A.M

3 A.M , everyone is asleep

I can't rest my mind can't let me

All I have is racing thoughts

Day dreaming about tomorrow

And what things must get done

Recollection of the past

of the things I've done

Mistakes I've made

What was left unsaid

I want to sleep but ideas and thoughts

pops one after another

Confined to my phone,to this prison called insomnia

I toss and turn..

I fluff my pillows & pull the covers on and off

I wake up and cook or eat the left overs

I arrange my room to pass time

at the end I give up and take a calmative

I blankly stare at the ceiling and wait


I can sleep and wake up on the next sleepless night


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