A dead soul's poem

paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam2022/02/03 10:41

Just me, trying to cope up with loneliness and online class.

A dead soul's poem

Here lies my feelings

As I look further beyond what the book has told me,

I realized something that I shouldn’t have.

I’ve been fussing about why I never fell in love,

And yet, there are millions of fish to catch above.


There’s a lot of chances that had already come my way

I wonder, have I lost it along those days?

Was I waiting for something to finally come?

Is it, a hope? A fate? A miracle? Or a sign?


It never crossed my mind.

What was I looking for to call it love?

Sometimes it breaks my heart to question myself if I can ever find

Just someone who I can call mine.  


The answer? It was never on the book.

Although the words made me realize I’m a crook.

It was a certain person I am trying to look for

I am holding a rose, waiting to dry when it couldn’t anymore.


A person so far away, so far along,

As the rose crumbled out of drought, my heart went with it.

And here lies my feelings,

Buried with a thousand useless meanings.


May it rest in peace…


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