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Where a girl has a triskodeko-phobia.... Will she survive?



The story starts when dasom was 10 years old... She starts behaving weird and strange on a specific date and that date was 13... Her parents thought that she is sick or something so they took her to the hospital,

And the doctor claimed that she had a triskaideka-phobia, which means she had a fear of the number 13.

The patient with this phobia thinks that the number 13 belongs to satan or it's a cursed word.

So whenever the 13 dates arrived she looked, herself in her room and turned on every lamp in her room even her side lamps, she feels safe in her room.

"G-go away, I'm not afraid of you. " she repeatedly said these lines

She did not eat on that day. Didn't with anybody. Didn't allow anyone in her room. And whenever her parent passed by her room they heard muffled sounds and shrugged by thinking maybe she was doing prayers to overcome her fear.

13 date was so hard for her... She just prayed that this day will never come again. But alas!

Time passed she was in her 20s when 2013 came, dasom forgot the fact that there's 20 before 13. She started thinking that this year may bring destruction and the world will be ending soon.

And on 13 June 2013, she attempted suicide, and eventually succeed. And next, when she didn't come out of her room her parents got tensed and started banging on her door, and at last, they broke through her room.

And find her dead. They bring her to the hospital and the curious thing was, the statement of a doctor.  They said that she choked herself with her, one inched long nails.

Her parents believed that because they knew that there's no treatment for phobia. So they bring her body back to the house.

When her mom was about to enter the house one thought hit her that, her daughter liked to have finely cut nails. She rushed toward her daughter and indeed her nails are finely cut.

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