Beauty of nature

Bossman2022/01/28 23:13

The dawn sun rose above the rolling hills, its brilliant demeanour illuminating the trees and landscape for many miles. The moon still hovered in the sky, refusing to give up its airy domain. The clouds moved like sheep grazing in the blue sky, the wind pushing it along as if to help it. Many creatures beneath woke and began to start just another day, yet many others slept for it was not their time yet in the sunlight. The evergreens and the oaks stood bright as if accepting the light, and they stood tall and majestic, unwavering even in the wind. It was then that a man, no different from any other man, walked upon the beaten path, created by thousands like him. He walked with a straight and true gait, but held his head low as if he was nothing compared to Mother Nature and her handiwork. He arrived upon a small clearing and stood there, breathing in the fresh air along with the faint scent of pine, his eyes closed. He was dressed in a brown robe.

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