Be more unrealistic

healer2022/01/28 09:19

you should do what you like and what you enjoy the most not what your parents enjoy

Be more unrealistic

live the way nobody wants you to

life is all about when you accept that this your life and you have to endure it until the end. we usually accept what comes in our way, because we think that's what is written in our life but we always forget that 'we are humans '. we were born to change the fate but still we all should be geatefull what god offers us. They say that " those who don't try to dream only get the, left part from those who try". well technically, this is true since we cannot take what is already taken. so what I am saying is that we all should try to change what's already served to us so that life could be more unpredictable . There are a lot phases that comes by in ones life but its us who makes every moment of every phase of our life memorable . so try to be more unrealistic ,more unpredictable, because being simple makes you different enough but being different is more special. This all things might be useless to think but try it once , you never know It can make your life a bit more passionate and unpredictable. for me , a girl who wants to do what comes in way and stay away from trouble. this all unpredictable things can only be imagine in fairytales. so if you can ,you should try, because many can't since they cannot.

thank you for reading.... lots of love

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