Traveling in a parallel world I loved myself.

SilverToptree2020/08/14 04:58

Narcissist? Unfortunately, this novel is not like that. Please read if you are interested. I'm sure you will like it. This story is about the best treasure I've found in a parallel world.

The beginning of the parallel world.

You thought you were a NPD, right?

Everyone who sees the title of this novel feels so.Maybe this is crazy more than that.

Please be calm and listen without being so excited. Rest assured. Nobody takes this story and eats it.

Is my English grammar wrong? Look a little more gentle.

This is the story of my life, and the story of my best discovery.

You know the word parallel world, right? It seems that there were people who didn't know. Let's briefly explain for such a person.

You know dinosaurs, right? No one has ever seen Jurassic Park.

Imagine, for example, a world where dinosaurs were not extinct.Then a world is created in which giant dinosaurs only see us as food. Humans have weapons, so that won't happen?That would be the case with today's human civilization.But..Humans didn't wear underwear in the first place. All were half-naked and screaming words they couldn't understand.


They said.

"What is...?"

Maybe it was fashionable, and the clothes might be Tommy Hilfiger's latest work.

Humans hiding quietly so as not to replace them as fries.There was no weapon at all. The civilization hadn't developed.

Why do I know that? Because I've actually seen it.

In that way, the world is innumerable. Every time someone tries to do something, the world expands. That is the parallel world.And I can move back and forth freely in the world. I woke up to that power when I was 10 years old.

At that time I was taking classes at an elementary school.

I was born in an ordinary family. But if I was born into a rich family...That was how I was inflating my delusion.

It happened suddenly, and the scenery changed completely the moment I blinked.

I was standing. As if it became a pillar in the corner of the classroom.I couldn't hide my surprise because all the teachers and classrooms and students changed.


The teacher looked at me and said.With that voice, the students look at me all at once. I met my boy sitting in front of me and raised my voice.


The voice was repeated by the boy.I already knew the answer, but I can't stop listening. Because there is a boy who looks like me right in front of me.

Anyway, I leave the classroom to escape. I moved my legs with all my might and shook away the voice that could be heard from behind, and ran away.My face. My voice. It was definitely me.When I met him, I had a certain feeling. want to kill. I want to kill him.It was simply scary not to do that.

"is this a dream?"

I said so. But it taught me that leg pain and a burning lung were reality.

After running away from elementary school, I ran straight into my house to run away.There was a pool where my house was. Isn't it funny? There was a pool the size of the house and a house about the size of the White House.

When I got it, I wasn't happy. I don't need a luxurious life anymore, so go home. I'll ask. That's what I hoped for then.


That voice belonged to my mother, and when I saw it the house had been restored.


I jumped into my mother's chest and cried anyway.My mother gently stroked my head while being confused.


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