HERE]] Haney vs Prograis Live In Canada

Nameless2023/12/09 13:58

Devin Haney vs Regis Prograis Live Fight Free ON TV Channel, Haney vs Prograis Live Online.

Live Here:


Live Here:

On the other hand, Haney is a long-range fighter because he always maximizes his reach advantage against his opposition. Apart from staying out of the pocket for exchanges, the former lightweight champion can adjust on the fly depending on what his opponent presents.

This high-level fight IQ will spell a significant edge for him as he can counter the aggressive approach from Prograis. Once he finds his proper fighting range, it will be a long night for the WBC Super Lightweight champion because Haney can cruise around and sneak in counterpunches that will lead him to another masterful decision victory.

To me, that term is overused – but this is a great fight on paper. I just have reservations regarding whether or not this will be great in the ring, which we'll get into.

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